Bertram closed his eyes and reached out with his senses. He listened at each cabin. There were girls in the Beaver Cabin speaking in whispers and giggling softly. They’d quiet down soon enough. The occupants of both the Chipmunk and the Red Fox Cabins had already quieted. Their deep, even breaths told him that everyone – including Tiana – was asleep.

He focused on the closer cabins. The boys in the Timber Wolf Cabin and those in the Opossum Cabin were quiet as well, all sleeping. Then, he listened to the Raccoon Cabin. Simon was awake. From the way he was grinding his teeth, he was thinking about something.

A new sound reached Bertram’s ears. He sighed. No, he couldn’t have that – not without Beth there to distract him. He pulled on his bathrobe and headed out into the night. He was going to put a stop to this right away.

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