Keenan patted Emil on the shoulder and sent him to join his friends. At least the boy had calmed a bit after the shock of finding a dead body. The first was always the hardest. He stepped over to Bertram and sighed.

“He see anything?” Bertram whispered.

Nodding, Keenan said, “He caught a glimpse of a person, presumably the killer, leaving the scene. Ti called in while I was making his tea. It’s definitely a murder, but there’s something strange about the scene. She wants me to examine the body.”

Bertram nodded. “Keenan,” he said, as his friend started towards the door. “Who was it?”

“Keiry,” he said. From the look on Keenan’s face, Bertram knew they were both thinking the same thing. Maybe, they should have listened to her. If they had, she might still be alive. Shaking the thought away, Bertram turned to the campers. He couldn’t help Keiry now. He had to focus on what he could do.


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