Dear Diary #3

Today, we were released from our usual lessons. Instead, we had chores to do around the house. My chore was to see to the garden. There were other children who helped me. Together, we pulled weeds.

I’ve never pulled weeds before, so I didn’t know what was a weed and what was a plant. I think I might have pulled a few plants before I learned the difference. Master Prescott didn’t seem to notice, so I think I’m safe.

I was scolded by the housekeeper. While I was helping in the garden, there were little birds flying about. They wanted the seeds that some of the flowers had dropped. I called a few of them to me and fed them. She was very upset that I had “possessed” the innocent birds. I tried to explain that I’d done no such thing. They’d come to me because they wanted to – I had food. But she would hear none of it. I had to sit outside until supper.

Sister wouldn’t tell me what her chore was. She said she was helping Master Prescott with something, but not what. That scares me. Why wouldn’t Grace tell me? She’s never kept anything from me before. Daddy told us that we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other.


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