Dear Diary #4

This morning, they made sure we were dressed in our best clothes. We had to go to worship. I didn’t care for the service at all. The preacher read a verse from the Bible. Then, he yelled at us for having our powers. He said that baring the mark of Cain as we do, there’s no redemption for us anyway.

It wasn’t a very happy time. There was no music at all. When we would worship with Daddy, there was always singing and stories. It was fun and I learned a lot. All I learned today is how evil my powers are. Daddy said our powers were gift from God. Only good things come from God, right? So, then, how can our powers be evil? It’s all very confusing.

After services, we had lunch and then we were sent to our rooms, to think, Master Prescott said. He didn’t say what it is we’re meant to think on. Just that we’re supposed to rest and be quiet and think. I think they just want a break from having to watch us. I don’t much care, though. At least there’s no chores today. Sister says that, if we’re very quiet, we can play games.


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