Dear Diary #5

Today, it was back to chores. I didn’t work at weeding the garden, though. Instead, Master Prescott had me working in the house. He had guests visiting. It was my job to serve tea to the guests. That meant that I had to wear the same clothes as I normally wear for worship.

One of the guests was the preacher who yelled at us yesterday. I don’t think he much cared for me. I told him that I didn’t understand what it was that made our powers evil. He sputtered at me, then he seemed to want to repeat his sermon from the previous day. Master Prescott didn’t let him do that. Instead, he just told me not to question my elders. There’s really no way to answer that, so I let it go.

I asked Grace about it. She said that they think our powers are evil because they don’t understand where they come from. If they don’t understand them, they must be evil, right? That’s the reasoning, anyway. I can’t say as I agree with it. Then again, if I were evil, would I realize it? If I was really evil, wouldn’t I think what I was doing was good and that the things good people did were evil? I don’t know.


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