Dear Diary #7

It stormed today. There was so much rain and wind that no one could go outside to work in it. Instead, they made us all stay inside and do chores. I had to continue with my lessons, learning how to be a proper servant for a gentleman. Master Prescott told me that I had to do whatever he told me to do. He told me to do some rather strange things. I didn’t like it much. He said, though, that I did a fine job.

I expected that I would see Grace sometime during the day. I saw most everyone else, since we couldn’t go outside. However, I didn’t see Grace until it was nearly time for bed. She won’t tell me where she was all day either. She just told me not to worry about her. I told her I’d be a poor brother if I didn’t worry about her. Then, she started crying and hugged me.

A couple of the other girls kind of pulled her away from me and got her calmed back down. One of them was going to scold me for making her cry, but Sister told her that it wasn’t my fault. Then, she hugged me again and told me she was fine. Somehow, though… I don’t think she is.


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