Dear Diary #9

Sometimes, I think about what my life would be like if I’d never come to this place. How would things be different if Daddy was still alive and we were all together, as a family? There would still be the fear of being discovered. Can I really say that it would be better that way?

I would have to say yes. If Grace and I were still with our parents, we would have had happy times. The time we spent with Mama and Daddy was good – in spite of the fear and having to hide who we truly were. We played games and we read together. We learned from Daddy about our powers and from Mama about nearly everything else.

I can’t turn back the hands of time. That sort of power is well outside anyone’s ability. I can’t undo the things that have already happened to Grace and to me. However, maybe I can find a way to carve a bit of happiness out of the lot that’s been cast for us. After all, Grace and I, at least, are still together. Mama is out there and, someday, we’ll escape from this place. When we do, we’ll find her and we’ll be able to be a family again.


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