Explanation of the Diary

For the last ten days, I’ve posted diary passages – each one headed “Dear Diary”. The diary entries are part of a project: The Dear Diary Project. All of these are written from the viewpoint of one of my characters, Allen Sweetling.

Allen’s story is set in a fantasy universe. Magic is viewed as evil. Working is seen as performing the work of the devil. Having the ability is a mark that God has turned his back on you. People who have these powers are called “The Accursed”. Allen is the main character and is an Accursed.

He’s had a pretty rough life (which is why he’s so mature). He saw his father killed when he was young. Then, he and his elder sister were taken away from their mother and sent to live with a man who was employed by the government to look after children who were “Accursed”. So far, I’ve finished two short stories featuring him. During the time of the stories, he is about 13 years old, but mature for his age. The diary entries start when he is about six years old and then skip ahead when he is about twelve years old – when he finally runs away from Master Prescott.

I hope to continue writing more about him. To do that, I need to know more about him. That’s my goal in writing these diary entries.


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