Dear Diary #13

I left town last night and started off towards the next town over. On foot, it should take me a day or so. At least, that’s what the man who keeps the general store told me. He said to take plenty of water and to keep my hat on my head. Fair as I am, I didn’t need to be told that.

I feel safer traveling at night. I know that sounds insane, what with how dark it is and how the wild animals are more active at night. However, people are less active at night and people are the ones I fear most. Besides that, the nights are so cold that moving keeps the blood circulating. I don’t think I could sleep anyway.

When the sun is shining, all I want to do is find a shady spot and rest. Of course, that seems all but impossible in these parts. I think the largest thing I saw was a little pile of rocks that wouldn’t have given shade to a rabbit. I make due by pitching a simple tent and sleeping in that. You wouldn’t think that a place that is so hot in the day time could get so very cold at night. However, it’s true just the same. All the heat just vanishes the moment the sun goes down. Maybe that’s why the animals get more active. Like me, they can’t stand the heat of the day.


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