Dear Diary #15

What a day I had! Yesterday, I dozed off shortly after sunrise. I woke up to find the owner of the hotel shaking me. He asked me where my folks were. I told him I hadn’t any. What was I supposed to say? That my father had been killed and I had no idea where my mother was?

In any case, he took me straight away to the sheriff’s office. They decided, over my objections, that I needed looking after. Seeing as he found me, the owner of the hotel decided he’d take me to hand. He brought back to his home and saw to it that I had a good breakfast. Then, he made sure I was washed and dressed in clean clothing. After that, I spent the day cleaning around the hotel.

It was very late by the time I went to bed and I was exhausted. I don’t think I worked so hard in Royal’s house. This was quite different though. My work there always felt demeaning. Working at this hotel… I felt proud of the job I was doing. Where I could never do anything well enough to please Royal, Master Abrams doesn’t cease praising me. We’ll see how long this peace lasts.


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