Dear Diary #17

Last night, I found a sheltered place that was surrounded by trees to make my camp. As I was settling in to sleep, a man stepped out of the shadows. He had a girl with him who was a bit younger than I am. He asked if they could share my fire. I couldn’t very well object.

In spite of my unease about him, I managed to doze off. I was awakened in the early hours this morning by the sound of him going through my bag. When I might have protested, he pulled a gun on me. So, I was forced to sit idly by and watch him take all my food supplies. He was quite angry that he didn’t find my money. I told him that I had none. In truth, I’d secreted it in the heel of my boot.

The more people I encounter, the more I wonder if it does any good to trust anyone. How desperate does someone need to be to steal from someone who is clearly just a little bit better off than you are? My father would tell me I need to pray for such people. I will, at least, pray for the girl.


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