Dear Diary #18

It’s strange, somehow. I’ve gotten so used to going to our services with Master Prescott that I feel like I’m being especially naughty for missing it today. In all honesty, I’m not sure what the services are like for people without my gifts. Do their preachers scold them the entire time or is that just how we’re treated?

I have only vague memories of attending services with my parents. I remember singing. There was organ music and everyone would sing together. They would sing about how God loved us. My father never doubted that it was so – even for people like him and like Sister and me. God loves all the people He created, he would say. That’s the exact opposite of what the preacher Royal would take us to would say. However, when so much of what that preacher said felt and sounded so wrong, how can I believe anything he ever said?

No, I think it’s more comforting to think about a God that loves me and made me this way because of some plan he has for me. That’s what my father always told me. He said that God gave us these gifts because he wanted us to use them to help people – to glorify him in that act.


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