Dear Diary #21

Master Noah is a man that I can’t seem to figure. He knows what I am and, unlike Master Jim, he has no reason to protect me. Yet, somehow, he seeks to do just that. The preacher detected my presence through the use of an eldritch crystal. Master Noah could have led him to me. He chose, instead, to warn me of the danger.

I wanted to run away, but Master Jim said I’m not in any shape to do that. I would tend to agree. I’m still mending. Tomorrow, however, I can leave and I won’t have to worry about troubling these people any further. The question is: will they allow it?

For reasons I can’t begin to understand, they want to protect me. So, will they let me leave or will they seek to keep me here. I cannot say and I cannot say that I would mind. I’m tired of running and hiding. They might be the only people since my mother who looked past what I am to see who I am. I dare hope that they are. Maybe – just maybe – I have found a place where I can live and be safe. Provided I am careful of the preacher.


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