Dear Diary #23

I was able to convince the preacher to hold a trial. Now, I just need to prepare for it while we wait for the magistrate. Master Noah and Master Frank want to know what it will entail. I’ve told them as little as possible. I don’t want them to think there are other options – say, for example: turning me over to Father Camden!

In the meantime, I’ve been helping Master Jim in his garden. He seems curious about my abilities in a way I’ve never encountered. He asks me how this works or how I do that. Master Noah, it seems, asked him about how I convinced Father Camden to have the trial. I’m sure Master Frank thinks I used some form of mind control on the man. Really, all I did was shove his thoughts in the right direction. I couldn’t make someone do something that was out of their natural character. I told as much to Master Jim.

Apparently, there are tales of Accursed driving people to suicide or murder. I told Master Jim that such a thing is simply not possible. Actually, it could happen, but it would only work if the person was already thinking such things. If someone already honestly wanted to take a life – whether their own or that of another – I could push them to commit the crime. However, I would never do something like that. It’s patently wrong, for one. For another, it’s that sort of use of our gifts that gives us the reputation as demons made flesh. Besides, if my father is to be believed, misusing ones gifts in such a way slowly drives you mad. No, thank you!


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