Dear Diary #24

I thought I had done rather well in keeping the plant from reacting to my presence. Then again, I didn’t realize that the magistrate already knew who and what I was. Had I realized that, I might have behaved differently. I might have split town the moment Miss Fiona was exhonorated.

In any case, I am now in the position of being Master Noah’s ward. He will be responsible for seeing to it that I am brought up properly. What will that entail? Will it mean sitting though more services where I’m told what a terrible person I am? Will I have to suffer through more tirades about my so-called curse? I dearly hope not.

I have already told Master Noah that he is not my father and should not expect me to call him Dad or Pa or any of those other childish, personal names. No, he will remain Master Noah. Whatever my current position, he is not my father. My father died – right in front of me. I watched him suffer horrible before that death. I don’t want – nor need – for Master Noah to be my father now. The question is, how do I convince him of that without bringing the long arm justice down upon me?


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