Dear Diary #25

Well, just as I should have expected, Master Noah insisted that I attend worship service with him. The new preacher was there. He was sent to replace Father Camden, who is off search for… well, me. In any case, he dragged me off to worship.

I expected to be scolded as the worst sort of sinner. After all, that was my only experience with such services. Instead, we sang hymns praising God. They were filled with words that spoke of a God who loved and cared for all of his children. The reading from the holy word reinforced this idea. Then, the preacher – who insists that he be called only Shepherd – delivered a sermon that was nothing like what I’d come to expect.

Rather than scolding at us – railing at us as terrible sinners and demanding repentance – he said that God loved us and wanted to save us. God didn’t want to cast anyone into the fires of hell. All we needed to do was love God, with all our hearts and souls and minds; love others as we do ourselves, and recognize the Savior’s presence in our lives.

I was stunned and… my heart was strangely warmed. If all of Shepherds sermons are like that one, I might just decide that going to worship isn’t such a terrible thing after all.


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