Dear Diary #26

Last night – or, perhaps, I should say early this morning – I was dreaming about Grace. I haven’t thought about her in so long. I can’t help but wonder what could have brought her to mind now. Only time can tell, I suppose.

This morning, Master Noah gave me two tasks. The first was to go and visit with Shepherd. He wanted to give me music to practice. He’d like for me to sing in church some time soon. I told him that I would try, but I’m not certain. When I finished there, I had to go out and check the old mine.

Apparently, the young people in the town have taken it into their heads to explore the mine, ignoring the signs declaring how dangerous it is. I spoke with them and, I think, convinced them that it would be the height of foolishness to see if there was any gold remaining for them to help themselves to. Hopefully, the matter will end there. I fear, though, that a few of them will not agree with me. I suppose the only thing to do will be for me to continue visiting with them, until I am certain they are not going to try anything stupid.


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