Robin Westerberg

She appears to be about 20 years old or so, but she may be much older – even she won’t say her true age. She has reddish-brown hair (as in, it’s brown with a reddish hue) and brown eyes that also have a reddish hue – Chestnut. She has little fangs, with the left one showing more than the right. She is on the taller side of average height, perhaps five-feet-six-inches tall. She has a light, almost fragile, build – as if she doesn’t eat enough or a stiff breeze could blow her away.

Clothing-wise: She has a few distinct styles that she wears for different occasions.

For everyday wear, she wears a sleeveless tunic over loose-fitting pants and no shoes. She wears arm warmers that go down over her hands and are held in place by straps around her upper arm. She will also wear a thick, hooded cloak over this. She will often dress in this manner when she goes to visit Alaric at the palace, which has given him the reputation of preferring the company of young men.

When in disguise, she dresses in the gothic aristocratic style, sort of like a cross between Romania and Austria – little fancy hat, jabot and long jacket with pants and spats. With this outfit, she wears a great cloak: a long jacket with a capelet.

She occasionally will wear girl’s clothing of the gothic Lolita style. Again, she has the fancy little hat, only a more feminine version. She will wear a frilly little dress, with lots of layers. She dresses this way to spy on people – no one notices a young lady. When she dresses in this fashion, she will often attract the unwanted attention of Alaric Hurley, the Earl of Rathmore.

She has a very quiet voice and is, generally, somewhat shy. When dressed as a girl, this comes across as politely demure. When in disguise as a man, she adopts a more outgoing, confident persona. This persona is loud, daring and quite charming.

Robin is not a vampire and has no magic of her own. Her mother was a fae and it is from this side of her heritage that she inherited her fangs. However, she can use potions which give her some results that are similar to magic in their effects.


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