World Building – Day One

The story is set on the island of Shynonia. This is the same place where my National Museum and Archives exists. It would be a steampunk universe. Technology is a mix of modern and old, with most of it running off of steam. There are things such as elevators and gas lamps. Finer homes have indoor plumbing, however, most homes do not have this luxury quite yet. Nearly everyone has telephones.

Most of the people in the cities live in apartments – called flats, British-style. The story is set in the capitol, a city called Ravenna. Ravenna is in the County of Kenney, which is to the south of the Earldom of Rathmore. Since Ravenna is both the local capital and the national one, the sovereign is also the Count of Kenney. Alaric spends much of his time in Ravenna, because he works at the royal court.

Special powers exist, in the form of wizardry and magic, as well as (very rarely) sorcery. Fairies, vampires (called revenants) and other such supernatural and fantastical creatures exist. Some take the forms people normally encounter in stories, others are more in line with the mythology. Revenants, for example, are dead and only come out of their graves at night. They suck the life out of their family members. However, they don’t burst into flames and aren’t repulsed by religious iconography. Faith, however, does repel them.

Just for the sake of my own sanity, it’s going to be a temperate climate. There will be seasons – summer, spring, winter, fall. There will be snow and rain, sometimes rather severely. However, the closer to the coast you are, the less extreme the weather will be (overall).


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