World Building – History

Long ago, Shynonia was a protectorate of the country of Norabardal. At that time, they had a sovereign and their own government. However, the government of Norabardal held most of the true power. The local government was, largely, only permitted to make decisions that directly affected the people of Shynonia. They were not permitted to trade with countries other than Norabardal, nor to have representatives in any other country. It was a time of isolation, in which the Norabardian government took its role as protectorate very seriously.

When Norabardal fell to the Dargonese government, power over Shynonia was transferred to the Dargonese as well. Under the Dargonese, life was harsh. People’s basic rights were often trod upon in the name of national security. There were strict curfews and magic was rigidly controlled. Part of this control took the form of Dargonese propaganda against magic. It was during this time that the people came to believe that magic did not exist. It is also during this time that the National Museum and Archives became a haven for wizards.

It is only in the last twenty years that Shynonia has gained complete autonomy. In that time, they have begun to emerge as a major exporter of new technologies, much of it powered by steam or magic. Shynonia is considered a sister nation with Shynia, who helped them win their independence. It also enjoys a special relationship with Equisetia, a colony of Cygma.


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