World Building: Races

Unlike much of Ekudo, Shynonia is largely peopled by humans, some possessing magic. However, the veil separating the physical realm from the faerie realm is very thin in Shynonia. As a result, faerie creatures of all kinds are able to slip through it and enter the physical world. Most often, they cause mischief when this occurs. However, some are content to live quietly among the humans and pretend, if only for a little while, to be nothing more than just another average person.

Alaric Hurley is a human and one who has powerful wizardry. When he was young, his power emerged on its own, something he is fortunate to have survived. This makes him special among Shynonian wizards, who typically have their magic awakened by their prospective masters in a ritualized ceremony. Because his magic emerged on its own, he is able to call up the power of sorcery as well as wizardry.

Robin Westerberg is a rare hybrid of faerie and human. This is made clear by the presence of a faerie tell, his fangs. Because of these, he is often mistaken for a vampire. However, he is no creature of the night, nor does he feed upon blood. His father was a normal human, while his mother was a faerie fox. His strange heritage gives him great skill in gardening and potions, but also left him with an obvious physical difference that makes him stand out from most humans.

Racism between normal humans and those with faerie blood usually takes the form of fear and misunderstanding. When normal humans first encounter hybrids, they assume that the person’s faerie side is a thing of evil and violence. However, this is not always the case. Indeed, most hybrids who live among people want nothing more than to live in peace. It is a difficult existence, with neither side truly accepting the child. The humans want to deny that the faerie side exists in such people. Meanwhile, faeries do all they can to destroy the humanity of such a child.


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