World Building: Religion

Both the wizards and the non-wizards have the same religious beliefs, ones inspired by Christianity. As such they believe in a God that is triune, with a Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. Many of their customs and holidays are very much like those commonly associated with Christianity.

One minor difference is that they are much stricter about using the Lord’s name in vain. The word “God” is used only in a religious context. If they feel the need to use profanity, they will use such things as “Sweet Creation”, “Works” or “Creator”.

Additionally, because of anti-magic propaganda by the Dargonese, common people believe that magic doesn’t exist in Shynonia. They also believe that those who feel they have magic are, at best, insane. At worst, they see them as possessed by evil spirits. During the Occupation, it reached the point where those who had magic were not permitted into worship services. It is still at a point where they are not allowed to enter a religious vocation.


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