World Building: Wizardry

There are two kinds of magic found in Shynonia. The main kind is known as wizardry. Those who have wizardry are called wizards. All wizards are born with an elemental spirit dwelling within their bodies. As they grow older, the spirit grows stronger. Eventually, the spirit can grow so powerful that the wizard can no longer contain their power. At that point, one of three things happens.

If a master in wizardry finds the budding wizard, they can bring them through a two-part ritual. The first part causes the spirit to bind with the wizard’s soul. At this point, they are said to have tamed their magic. The second half of the ritual binds the new wizard to his master as an apprentice. This bond lasts three years, at which time the apprentice begins to study on their own and hone their skills.

If the budding wizard is not found, the magic either consumes them or they experience what is called a catastrophic energy release as the spirit breaks free of them. Since spirits cannot have a physical form, the spirit returns to the wizard, giving them magic. However, such wizards are said to wield wild magic. The catastrophic nature of the release also leaves their hair and eyes completely without pigment. If the magic consumes the wizard, they are killed by the force of the spirit breaking free. At this point the spirit cannot attain any sort of physical form and is banished to the astral plain.

Wizards use the three main components (verbal, physical and somatic) in order to communicate with their spirit what they wish to do with their magic. The communications are called spells and most have become very structured and ritualized over time. All wizards also carry a staff that is used to channel their power.

A wizard’s staff can take many shapes, not all of them would be actually called a staff in the strictest sense of the word. All staves have two forms: a sleeping form and a true form. The sleeping form is usually something that can be easily carried, such as an umbrella, a walking stick, a watch or some other type of jewelry. The true form is usually something relating to the element and temperament of the wizard who wields it.


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