World Building: Education

The children of noblemen and gentle families are often sent away to schools on other islands, where they can receive a full and complete education. The children of merchants and shopkeepers are often educated within the home, being taught the family business at the same time. When the lowest classes of people receive an education at all, it is typically as a student at one of the many schools run by religious orders in Shynonia and beyond. More often than not, such children go on to become either craftsmen or clerics.

All crafts have apprenticeships, where the student is bound to serve their master for the duration of their training. Among wizards and sorcerers, apprenticeships last for just three years. After that point, the budding wizard becomes a student. They study on their own and hone their skills. After they feel ready, but no sooner than six months following the end of their apprenticeship, they are allowed to take a test to determine if they can be considered a master of the craft. The test is judged/ administered by three masters, none of which came be the one they were apprenticed to. If they pass, they are declared to be a master. If they fail, they have to wait six months before they try again. They can take the test as many times as they wish.


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