World Building: Fine Arts

Traditionally, paintings are limited to depicting landscapes or scenes and still life subjects. Portrait painting, where the subject sits still while they are painted, is unheard of. When people are depicted in paintings, they are depicted in motion. The feeling behind this is that it is unnatural for a person to sit still. In life, things move and change constantly. Paintings should reflect this. The exception is the painting of the recently deceased. Very often, children or loved ones who have recently died are posed as if sleeping and their portrait is painted as a way to remember the way they once looked.

Sculptures are, traditionally, of idealized human figures and almost always depict a nude form. Sculptures depicting children, show them as pudgy and cheerful. Those depicting youths show them as being slender and athletic. Sculptures of grown men and women typically depict them as being full figured and healthy.

Enchantments in fine arts are typically limited to altering the colors of pigments or adding a bit of light to images. However, some light wizards are very skilled with crafting illusions and will do so as part of a stage performance.


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