World Building: Home Life

People generally have brown or dark hair, sometimes with red hues, such as chestnut or mahogany. People with blond, red or orange hair are very rare. Most people have brown, gray or hazel eyes, occasionally green. However, bright blue eyes are extremely rare. Most men stand about five feet, eight inches tall; while women are generally close to five feet tall. People with blue eyes, especially if they have red or blond hair, often have fae blood in them. Those with white hair have, typically, had it bleached by magic. This is especially true if one or both of their eyes is red but they have no difficulties with their vision.

Home furnishings are generally constructed of wood that is, sometimes, elaborately carved and usually delicate in appearance. Architecture is of the same mold, with high archways and flourishes as common fixtures in larger homes and municipal buildings. Beds often have curtains, both for the privacy of the occupant to protect them from attacks by fae creatures. Windows are similarly dressed.


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