World Building: Fashion

The style of dress varies from the east to the territories, with those in the territories wearing styles that are somewhat behind those found in the east. People of lower social status wear material that is coarser, such as cotton, linen or wool, while the very wealthy can afford finely crafted cotton-linen blends or imported materials, such as silk. Clerics wear long robes with high collars and hoods with cowls, both in the coloring of their particular sect.

Men in the east typically wear tailored jackets with high collars over button-up shirts with tailored pants and lace-up shoes or knee-high boots. Women generally wear jackets with bow ties and button-up shirts or blouses with wide collars and knee-length skirts. People of higher social status have more frills on their clothing than those of lower status, who favor plainer, more durable garments.

The men in the territories wear longer jackets with lapels, shirts with collars and ties with tailored trousers and lace-up shoes or boots. Women wear button-up shirts or blouses with wide collars and long skirts or gowns. Most of the time the materials are heavy, durable cotton or calico. Both men and women were hats or bonnets when they are outdoors.


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