World Building: Robin’s Home

Robin lives in a little apartment that is on the second floor of the apothecary shop she keeps. She mixes potions to treat common ailments for the most part. However, she also mixes magical potions, such as wizards might wish to use. Most of the ingredients she has out and visible to the public are regular herbs and spices.

The shop consists of three rooms. The first – the front room – is large, open and neat. There are shelves around the walls that have potions pre-mixed for common ailments. On worktables at the center of the room, she has raw herbs that are good for both cooking and have medicinal uses by themselves.

The next room is a storeroom. In the storeroom, she has a table with a scale and measuring implements and all sort of other tools she might need for getting potion ingredients into jars and bottles, for other apothecaries to use, as well as for her own use. This area also has her bulk supplies and the magical ones. Herbs hang from the rafters, drying naturally for future use.

The final room is her workspace. In addition to a work table, such as she has in the storeroom, she has shelves with her rarer ingredients, as well as the ones she uses often. She also has a large sink, where she can clean cauldrons, and a cooking space, where she can prepare potions, both magical and mundane. There are also the implements you would expect for both of these works: cleaning supplies in one cabinet and cauldrons, lids, stirrers, etc. in another cabinet. A large cauldron sits near a door that leads out to the garden behind her shop.

A staircase situated between the front room and the store room leads up to the living area. This space is simple. There is a kitchen and dining area positioned above the work space and sharing a stovepipe with the room below. She has a small bath – with a sink and tub, each with running water.

There is also a sitting room that has shelves lining the walls. These are filled with books on magic, science and the potions craft. In this room, she also has a writing desk that is cluttered with papers and journals. In a corner by the window, she has a large overstuffed chair, where she likes to settle in to read. Finally, at the center of the room, she has a pair of sofas, facing each other, with a low table between.

Situated over the front room is a small bedroom. In this room, there is only a bed, a large chest and a wardrobe. Robin uses this room to sleep and to dress – nothing more.


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