World Building: Dark Fae

There are two kinds of fae, as classified by humans. Light fae are fae that are either fair to behold or appear as mostly human in appearance. Dark fae are either hideous or inhuman in appearance. Very often, dark fae will not come out in the daytime. This is not an exhaustive list. It contains only the ones that I have come up with to date.

Fox fae – a vampiric fae that is very close to nature; rather than feeding on blood, fox fae feed on energy itself; most have vulpine features of some kind; it is believed that they can take on the form of a fox at night

Nightfiend – a vampiric fae of hideous appearance; very adept at casting glamours; they attack those who are out at night, generally the victim does not realize the attack is occurring until it is too late; they are repelled by those of great faith and cannot be stopped if you scatter grains, as they will stop to count each one

Shadow Hunters – generally appear as handsome young men with bluish skin; they are said to kidnap young men and women who wander alone at night; it is also believed that they hunt vampiric fae

Hag – generally appear as hideous old women, however some can appear as beauties either in the spring or in the daytime; most avoid contact with humans, however some will steal children who are left unsupervised

Goblins – hideous, mischievous fae; some are dangerous to people, while others are merely destructive; they lurk in dark places, waiting to strike out against those they can catch unawares.


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