The Visitors

Light poured through the bedroom window, waking her. Not a flashlight. Not a passing headlight. A light that flooded the room. They were back. Miriam sat up in bed and stared out at blinding light that filled the garden. With a whimper of fear, she threw back the covers and ran to the door.

Then, arms caught her around the waist and drew her back into the room. She had time to scream once. Then, the darkness came again. By the time her father opened the door, intent on soothing yet another nightmare, he found that there was nothing there. His daughter was gone.

“Miriam?” he called. He frowned faintly. Shaking his head in confusion, he made his way down the corridor. Where could the girl have hidden herself. He searched every room. He searched the garden. There was no sign of the girl anywhere. Sighing in frustration, Wolfgang Edelstein decided that he had no choice. The watch would simply have to be called.


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