How to stop revenants…

At least, this is how it works in my story universe.


“Poor girl,” Alaric murmured, as he looked down at her face. She was lovely, as she must have been in life. Her skin had the pallor of death, of course. However, the spell that made her a revenant also kept her from decaying.

Sighing, Alaric rolled the sleeping dead girl over in her coffin, so that she was facing the ground, instead of the sky. Then, he closed the coffin lid.

When he stepped outside, a faint smile touched his lips. Peter was scattering tiny beads around the entrance. “Of course,” Alaric said, sending Robin an amused smile. “If she manages to escape her coffin, she’ll be further delayed by the compulsion to count these beads.”

“That is the hope, my lord,” Peter said, nodding. He sighed and then looked at Robin. “Have you figured out how we can do the other delaying tactic?”

Robin shook her head. Then, she looked at Alaric. “We need to find some way to place flowing water between her and the house,” she said. “She won’t be able to cross flowing water.”

Alaric looked thoughtful for a moment. “Some form of moat, perhaps?” he suggested. There might be some manner of spell he could use. He shook his head. “I’ll put my mind to it.”

“Holy symbols have little effect, unless there is faith behind them,” Peter said. “It might give her some pause, but it won’t stop her.”


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