Escaping goblins…

Peter and Robin can never have it easy…


“Let the human go,” Peter said, his voice soft. It was useless, he knew. Once goblins had captured someone, it was nearly impossible to get them to release their prey.

“No,” one of the goblins said. He caught the man’s shirt and tore it opened. “We wants this one. He looks… soft.”

“We need to speak with him,” Robin said, her tone one of impatience. “Uncover his mouth, so that he may answer our questions before you take him.”

“Very well, bloodkin,” one goblin said. He removed his hand from Wilhelm’s mouth, setting it on his shoulders, to hold him prone.

“Help me,” Wilhelm said, squirming. He shook his head and whimpered. “Don’t let them take me! Please!”

“Answer our questions,” Robin said. “Where were you the evening of Tuesday last?”

“I was at my sister’s house,” Wilhelm said. He took a shuddering breath and shook his head. “I told the Lord Kinsey this already! My sister can vouch for me, as can her landlord, as he came to collect her rent – which I paid from my wages here ta keep them being tossed out on the street!”

Peter nodded. He cast a glance at Robin. Chances were good the man was telling the truth. The problem was: how were they going to get him away from the goblins?

Wilhelm cried out as the goblins tore away his trousers. Then, the lead goblin shoved the cloth of his shirt into his mouth, muffling any further screams.

“Be off, little hunter,” he said, cackling. “This one is ours.”

“I think not,” Robin said. That was all the warning she gave Peter. He gasped as her hand flew out. He barely was able to cover his eyes before a blinding light filled the clearing.

Hissing and cursing, the goblins fled into the trees. As Peter squinted into the light, he could see that they’d abandoned their prey. “We haven’t much time,” he said.

“Then we need to act quickly,” Robin said. She rushed forward and cut the ropes on Wilhelm’s ankles and wrists. Then, she helped him to his feet.

Nodding, Peter glanced around. The light was already fading. “Quickly now,” he told Wilhelm. “Worry about your modesty once you are safely within the palace, else it may not matter at all!”

Sobbing softly, Wilhelm hurried back towards the palace. Peter and Robin hurried along behind him. They had just stepped into the circle of light that shone into the garden when the goblins reappeared.

Peter watched them warily as they hurried inside. He was grateful to see that they kept their distance. However, it was clear that they weren’t pleased. It was also just as clear that they hadn’t given up.

“He was promised to us,” one called. “Hand him back! We wants our prey!”


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