The Faerie Ring

One of my favorite characters to torment…

Gregory yawned deeply and stretched. For a moment, he lay in bed and enjoyed the peaceful quiet of the early morning. The birds were singing in the trees outside his window. Trudy was murmuring softly in her sleep. He was nearly back to sleep when he heard the child begin crying.

Sitting up, Gregory rubbed the last bits of sleep from his eyes and padded over to the little girl’s bed. She was sitting up, frowning at him. “What’s that look for?” he asked, smiling. When he reached out to pick her up, Trudy shrieked and then bit him.

For a moment, Gregory was stunned. Then, he looked down at the mark. The little girl had broken his skin with her teeth. However, what struck Gregory most was that the mark wasn’t one that he’d normally expect from the teeth of a two year old girl. It looked more like an animal bite, one made from sharp teeth.

“Trudy?” he said, his voice faint.

The little girl hissed at him. Then, she was on her feet and careening into the next room. Gregory blinked and then followed her. He peered into the room and saw that she was hiding under the kitchen table. A low growl reached his ears.

Shaking his head, Gregory sighed. The child looked like Trudy, but there was no way this was his sweet little girl. Even in her foulest mood, Trudy didn’t hiss and growl. Even if she might be prone to do so or was feeling out of sorts enough that she might, his baby girl didn’t have a mouth full of pointed teeth or slanted catlike eyes.


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