And… now what?

“Surely you don’t feel that we can leave him like this,” Upvalley said, shaking his head. “Whatever might have happened in the last two years, he used to be a member of our staff and – and no one deserves…” he trailed off when she gave him a patient smile.

“I have no intention of abandoning him to this fate,” Umberley said. “After all, he has a daughter to look after. Hasn’t he?” She sighed and shook her head. “I said it merely to point out that the Head Librarian wouldn’t be pleased.”

“There’s no need to involve him,” Upvalley said, shaking his head firmly. “Waverley’s working on repairing the mirror. I can lift the curse. You can keep his condition stable until I’m able to do that.”

Nodding, Umberley said, “I can.” She knelt near him and frowned. “He’s deeply distressed. I wonder what is happening to him.”

“I may be able to answer that,” a soft voice said. Robin whirled around to find Peter standing in the doorway. Micah was bundled up in a sort of pack on his back, dozing quietly.

“What are you doing here?” Robin asked, shaking her head.

Shrugging, Peter said, “I did a reading. It indicated that I should be here to help.” His brows furrowed and he frowned at Innistree. “Now… I know why.”

“You can tell us what’s happening to him?” Upvalley said, his voice soft.

“By employing a bit of fae magic,” he said, nodding. When both of them looked doubtful. “It is, of course, entirely up to you.”

“Do it,” Umberley said, nodding.


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