Final scheduled appearance…

This should be the last time Keenan shows up, but… you never can tell with him.


Keenan woke to insistent pounding on the door to his bedchamber. He growled softly and rolled over. Most people would have called that they were coming. Others might roll over and pull the covers over their heads and ignore the sound. Keenan Meadows was not like most people. He took the third option, like he always did.

“Go away,” he shouted, without opening his eyes. He was exhausted. He had been every morning for the last week. It was strange, because he was certain he’d slept – and slept well. Why should he be tired?

He was on the edge of falling asleep when the knocking stopped. For a moment, Keenan relaxed. Then, the door creaked as it was opened. “Are you awake?” a soft voice said.

“No,” Keenan said, his voice hoarse. He heard Bertram sigh and moaned in response. Forcing his eyes opened, Keenan said, “I’m tired! Let me sleep!”

Bertrams’s brows furrowed and he shook his head. “I’ve left you sleep for as long as I can, Keen,” he said, his voice soft. “You have a meeting with the sovereign in an hour. You need to be up and dressed and fed before that time.”

“Tram, that meeting’s not until noon,” Keenan said, sitting up. He frowned when he saw the sun, high in the sky. “Oh, my heavens. It’s really that late?”

“It really is,” Bertram said, nodding. He stepped back as Keenan flew off the bed and began pulling clothing out of the wardrobe. He watched Keenan for a moment longer. Only when he was certain that his friend wasn’t going to fall back asleep did he leave.


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