I saw Miss Montgomery waving goodbye to the children as they headed off down the road that lead away from the school. Then, she turned away and headed back into the school house.

As she stepped up to erase what was written on the blackboard, she paused and whirled around. Her eyes widened as a tall, blond-haired man strode towards her.

I recognized him as the fae that had played Peter at Fortune the night before. As helpless as I always was during a vision, I could do nothing as he wrapped his arms around her. She screamed once, and then, he was striding back out of the room, with her slung over one shoulder.

I woke from the vision with my heart pounding in my chest. “Are you all right?” my brother said. I looked up to find him standing over me.

I shook my head and then sighed. “Miss Montgomery’s been kidnapped by a fae,” I said.


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