On such a night as this…

…anything can happen.


Cyrus walked through the silent trees, feeling just a little nervous. The night was still, with the only light coming from a full moon shining high above. He suppressed a shiver. However much he might not like it, fluxweed could only be harvested on nights like this one. Any other night and it would lose its effectiveness.

A howl split the silence of the night. The cry was long and loud. Not only did it seem to echo through the moonlit trees, it went on for several minutes. It was a low, mournful sound. Tears came to Cyrus’s eyes, but he blinked them away. It was silly, really. For all he knew, the wolf was just calling to other members of its pack. There was no reason to think the creature was sad.

Shaking the thoughts away, Cyrus went back to searching for the herbs. A faint glow in the underbrush caught his eyes. “Ah,” he said, “there you are!”

He was just hurrying towards the dim light coming from the phosphorescent plants when he heard a second mournful howl. This time, it was much closer. Far from bringing tears of sadness to Cyrus’s eyes, it brought tears of fright.


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