Unexpected Turn of Events – 2

Then, Cyrus gets a surprise.


Logan heaved a sigh and closed his eyes. He could still imagine the feelings he’d had as he’d held Cyrus’s hand in his own. It was lust, he knew. However, the fact that they were partners complicated things. Before, he would have been within his rights to proposition the younger man. Now…

He shook the thought away. Glancing at the mirror, he straightened his own glasses, smoothed his hair and headed out of the room. Cyrus had said that Professor Gardener would want them to arrive for dinner promptly. It wouldn’t do to be late his first day on campus.

Thanks to the tour Cyrus had given him earlier, he was able to find the Great Hall rather easily. As he stepped into the large room, he saw that there were five long rows of empty tables. These tables, he knew, would be filled with students tomorrow evening.

As he swept between them, he noticed Cyrus sitting at the end of the large table at the head of the room, where the staff and faculty had their formal meals. He caught the younger man’s eyes and made the sign for partner. A smile touched his features when Cyrus blinked in surprise. It was good, somehow, to know that he wasn’t the only one surprised by the things had worked out.


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