Unexpected Turn of Events – 3

Then, Cyrus drops the bombshell…


“So, then,” he said, giving Cyrus a wan smile. “Shall you read me in on our mission here? I’m assuming it’s to do with the attack on Professor Gildheim.”

Nodding, Cyrus stood. Slowly, pacing around the room as he spoke, he outlined exactly what he’d learned so far, which was precious little. “That’s why you were brought in,” he said. “As school caretaker, I’m free to explore the grounds, but… as a professor – one who’s come in to take his place – you’ll be in a position to find out exactly what happened.”

“Why doesn’t someone just ask him?” Logan asked, shaking his head. “Was he so badly injured, then?”

Grimacing, Cyrus nodded. “You might say that,” he replied. He hesitated for a moment and then, he looked out the window and over the school grounds, towards the place where the attack had taken place.

“Cyrus?” Logan said, his voice soft.

Cyrus looked back at his partner and spoke in a soft voice. “Contrary to what Professor Gardener told everyone at supper – contrary to what the healers have told Professor Williams, Professor Gildheim won’t recover from his wounds. The truth is this: he was killed that night. Whatever attacked him – whatever it is that we’re trying to capture – tore him limb from limb.”


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