Joining of Souls

This is an excerpt from the story I’m writing. In it, Logan, a werewolf, needs to bind his curse to the magic of a wizard. Otherwise, he might die. Cyrus, his partner, volunteers to be that wizard. The binding will strengthen whatever kind of relationship they already have. For Cyrus, it was friendship. For Logan, it something far more…


Logan took a deep breath and then looked Cyrus, his eyes locking on Cyrus’s own. “You’re sure about this?” he said, his voice weak.

Cyrus nodded. “I don’t want for you to die, Logan,” he said, his voice soft. He set his hand over both of Logan’s hands, which were folded on the table. Leaning forward, he added, “Mischa said it would change our relationship. If we’re friends, we’d become like brothers.”

“Being bound to your core,” Logan said, his voice soft, “would be like joining our souls. We wouldn’t feel each other’s pain or know each other’s thoughts, exactly. However, we’d… know when the other was in pain and we’d sense each other’s emotions.”

Yet again, Cyrus nodded. “It’d end any doubt about what you feel towards me, then,” he said. “Is that why you’re so reluctant?” He searched Logan’s eyes, as if he could see the answer to his question written there.

Logan blinked and sighed. Shaking his head, he said, “I don’t know. I just… I know I’m afraid that the drain will be too much – with your affliction. Can you afford to let me draw on your energy in that manner?”

“I’ll just have to keep track of the lunar cycle. Won’t I?” Cyrus said. He grinned. “My affliction isn’t so terrible as that, Logan. Normally, I have enough energy – and more to spare. It just… I don’t gather energy the way I’m meant to, do I? I keep my energy sink near when I’m sleeping and… the moon rises mostly at night – when I’ll be abed.”

Nodding, Logan said, “You’d be in a state of energy gathering when I’ll be drawing on your core.” He seemed relieved, if only a little. He looked into Cyrus’s eyes once more and Cyrus blinked. They were mere inches apart. All Cyrus could see were Logan’s warm brown eyes.

His lips parted and, in that instant, Logan leaned forward. Their lips met and Cyrus gasped as Logan’s tongue slipped into his mouth. For a moment, Cyrus tensed. Then, he felt something stir deep inside. This was the binding ceremony! Logan was sealing his curse to Cyrus’s core in this simple act.

Cyrus moaned softly as Logan deepened the kiss. He was dimly aware of Logan cupping the back of his head with one hand, while the other settled into the small of his back. Cyrus felt his heart racing as his magic rebelled, if only for a moment, against what Logan was doing. Then, as if a switch had been thrown, Cyrus relaxed and he was no longer simply being kissed by Logan. They were kissing.

As Logan broke the kiss, Cyrus took several steadying breaths. He blinked rapidly and then looked up at Logan. Suddenly, as their eyes met, he felt… Logan admired him and was deeply attracted to him. Cyrus felt his cheeks warm and he fled.

He didn’t know why he ran; only that he needed space. He didn’t go to the cottage. Instead, he ran into the trees at the edge of the village. He stopped, heart pounding, at the edge of a small brook. “What… was that?” he breathed. Feeling foolish, he shook his head. “Why’d I just… run like that?”

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