Under the Moonlight

And the beginning of the physical attraction between the pair… I like the reaction Logan’s werewolf side has to his “romantic” notions around Cyrus.


Logan had never thought of walking under the moonlight with anyone until that day. To him, the light of the moon was something to fear. It meant the return of his wolf. Now, though, as he stood on the walkway at the top of the fortress-like school and waited for Cyrus to join him, it stuck him as romantic. The half-moon shining down on them and the twinkling stars filling the blackness of the sky… Cyrus would be like a star himself, a point of light in the shadows that had filled Logan’s heart for so long.

That’s pushing things a bit too far, his inner wolf chided.

He could feel the disgust of cursed side of himself at his sentimental notions. However, for once, he didn’t care. He heard a boot scrape against the stone and turned. Cyrus had stepped out onto the walkway as well. He was standing in the doorway, in fact, staring at Logan with wide eyes. Standing there, lit as he was by the light from the inner corridor, Cyrus looked like an angel.

Logan smiled at the mock-gagging sounds that echoed in the back of his mind. “Hello, my love,” he said, giving Cyrus a half-bow.

Cyrus stepped forward and took his hand. “It’s rather a nice night, yeah?” he said, his voice faint. He looked up at the stars and shook his head. “It’s not even too cold to enjoy a walk outside.”

“Nor too warm for me to set my arm around your shoulders,” Logan said, setting action to his words. Logan smiled when Cyrus rested his head on his chest. Then, they were walking together along the top of the fortress.

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