Changing Feelings…

A little scene that I think shows my characters falling in love. At least, I hope it does…


“I’m for bed,” he announced, moving towards one of the bedrooms.

“Sleep well, Cyrus,” Logan said, as he moved to stoke the fire into life.

Cyrus frowned at him. “You’ll get some sleep too, won’t you?” he said, regarding Logan with a worried frown.

“Soon,” Logan said, giving him a weak smile.

Cyrus frowned at him for a moment. As tired as he was, he was hesitant about simply going to be when Logan seemed this tense. Sighing, he stepped close to his partner. “What’s got you so worried, then?” he asked, tilting his head up to look into Logan’s eyes.

“What makes you think I’m worried?” Logan said, his lips quirking into a smile. However, the smile didn’t reach his eyes. They remained hooded – guarded, almost.

“We’ve worked together for over a year, now, haven’t we?” Cyrus said, shaking his head. He frowned. “You’ve not said more than you had to since we arrived in England, have you? You don’t think I’ve learned to read you by now?”

When Logan said nothing, Cyrus persisted. “Logan,” he said, his tone coming out a bit petulant. “We’re partners, aren’t we? I want to help you! Yeah? How can I do that, if you won’t tell me what it is bothering you?”

The forced smile left Logan’s features. “I don’t think you realize the danger you may be in, Cyrus,” he said, his voice soft. He shook his head. “I feel – I’ve placed you in this danger and you seem so… oblivious to it!”

“I’m in the middle of a village surrounded by people cursed with lycanthropy,” Cyrus said, his voice soft. His brow furrowed. “I don’t know who among them – or even if any of them – are as diligent about taking the medicine as you are. Believe me, Logan, I know how dangerous this place might be for me.”

Logan sighed and looked down at the floor. “I’m concerned, Cyrus,” he said. His voice was hardly more than a murmur. Cyrus leaned in close to hear him. They were mere inches apart. “You’re young and, I appreciate that you want to help me, but… maybe I don’t want your help?”

“I think,” Cyrus said, his voice just as soft as Logan’s own, “that you’re scared. Yeah? I think you might have brought me here – three nights before the full moon – hoping it’d scare me off from you.”

There was a soft gasp and Logan lifted his gaze, meeting Cyrus’s eyes once more. He opened his mouth to speak, but Cyrus stopped his words with a finger against his parted lips. “I don’t scare so easy, Logan Rembrandt Starke,” he said, a faint smile touching his lips. “Not near so easy as you do.” Then, he turned away and headed into one of the bedrooms.

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