On Inspiration

January: Inspiration
Where do you get your initial spark of inspiration? Is it from anything important? What else about inspiration intrigues you? What is your advice to other people to kick start their inspiration?

Inspiration is defined as the stimulation to do creative work. I do quite a bit of creative work. I draw. I crochet and knit. I do some embroidery. I write poetry and scripts and novels and short stories.

Where does that initial spark of inspiration come from? Well, for me, it depends.

Sometimes, it comes from a prompt of some sort. Whether I use prompts from a book or someplace on the internet, sometimes that little idea is enough to get the ball rolling on a larger story or creative work.

I’ve also gotten ideas for stories from random places. Someone might say something that amuses me, and I get an idea for scene that builds into a larger work. I might see something on television or hear a song on the radio. Once in a while, I’ll just decide that I want a character with a certain trait and build the story around that character.

Inspiration is one of those things that… it’s strange to me. What inspires one person, might be meaningless to another. It seems that you have to work at seeing the world in a certain way. You have to take in the details around you in another way than you normally would in order for them to spark your imagination. Otherwise, that strange guy you see in the coffee shop is just a strange guy in the coffee shop.

My advice to people who are looking to kick start their inspiration is to exercise their imagination. Don’t just live your life in a normal, day-to-day fashion. Look at the little details around you. Maybe that little bird in the tree outside isn’t just singing because that’s what birds do. Maybe he’s trying to tell you something, if you use your imagination, he might just have an entire story to tell you.

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