BOYB – Boxes are Confining…

Breaking Outta Your Box – A Challenge and a Topic
Every year, WriYe has the Breaking Outta Your Box challenge. Its intentions are to get every writer to try something new and see what they can learn from writing in a genre they’re not used to at all. I know some of you bloggers have done it so give me some feedback this month. Did you manage to break the box? Did it help you in any way? What did you learn?


I’ve done the Breaking Outta Your Box challenge a few times.  One year, I wanted to write realistic fiction.  Most everything I do is in the realm of speculative fiction, so it was a fun challenge to keep things so firmly rooted to what can happen in the real world.

Another year, I attempted to write an epistolary novel.  Although I finished the novel, I was never quite sure that I actually achieved what I was going for.  It’s something that I may try again another time.  I think it would be great to try writing such a novel with another author.  It would push me towards the actual letter writing format that was so lacking in my attempt.

This year, I’m working on a western novel.  Although I love to watch Westerns, I’ve never managed to write one.  I have been really enjoying working my way through the building of the universe and I think that I am going to not only get the story written, but actually achieve the ultimate goal of breaking out of my spec-fic box for the year.

Each of these attempts was a challenge of one kind or another.  I think attempting to write stories that are outside of my normal comfort zone helps me grow as a writer.  Even when I don’t quite get what I want, I find that I’ve learned something.  It also helps me appreciate and enjoy novels that are outside of what I normally read and write.

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