To Sleep

Another DreamWidth Prompt from NaNoWriYe.  My goal was to do one each day until I’ve caught up… I had a lot of fun with these, though.

Prompt: Enemies

Daina frowned as she returned home. She wasn’t sure what would happen now. Taurys was gone. The lab was gone, which meant she had no job. A part of her wanted to hate Gilbert. It was his fault that all of this had happened. At the same time, she knew him. He was a sweet man. He wouldn’t have done something with the intention of causing harm to her or her family.

She heaved a sigh and then glanced over at Milda. No, Gilbert wasn’t to blame for what had happened. Dr. Alexandrova was the one who had taken Taurys from her. Dr. Alexandrova was the driving force behind the project that Gilbert had come to Veligrad to stop. That meant it was Dr. Alexandrova who deserved her anger.

As she settled down to rest that night, Daina smiled. She knew what she should do. Dr. Alexandrova would pay for what she had done. Daina wouldn’t kill her. That would be too easy. Instead, she would see that the woman suffered the same pain and loss that Daina did. She would take away the thing that Dr. Alexandrova held most dear: her position in the government.


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