Like a Dream Come True

The latest in my stories using the NaNoWriYe DreamWidth Prompts.  This is another picture prompt that I wrote for using kids from the same universe as the others – this story would be set just after my recently completed April Camp NaNo novella.


Felicja suppressed the urge to roll her eyes as they entered the building. “Whoever heard of taking campers to an aquarium?” she murmured. Turning to Gilbert, she added, “This was your idea.”

“It won’t hurt for them to learn something,” Gilbert said, adjusting his glasses. He smiled, then and pointed. “Henryk seems pretty pleased about coming here.”

Frowning, Felicja looked over at her son, he was moving around the first exhibit with wide eyes. As she saw his excitement, she couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, all right,” she said. “He’s having the time of his life and we’ve barely set foot in the door. I just hope the other campers aren’t bored out of their skulls.”

For the most part, there was something there that each of the campers enjoyed. However, Iris didn’t seem very interested until they reached an exhibit that had different kinds of coral and brightly colored fish.

“Look at the octopus,” Henryk said, pointing. The other campers crowded around the glass and stared at the creature as it moved over the corals, searching for food.

“That’s amazing,” Iris said, her voice soft.

Felicja stepped a bit closer and nodded. As she watched, the large purplish creature moved up and over a tan-colored coral. She could hear her son explaining different things about the octopus to his friends. For the first time in quite a while, she felt a touch of pride about him.

He wasn’t an athlete and he might never be the sort to follow in her footsteps. He might even go on to teach, like Chao, or be a scientist, like Gilbert. However, she realized that it was all right. He needed to be who he was and, whatever he did, she knew he’d be great at it.

“My little boy is brilliant,” she breathed.

Gilbert stifled a laugh and nodded. “It’s about time you realized that, Felicja,” he murmured. Then, he looked at the kids and said, “The dolphin show is starting in about fifteen minutes. Who wants to see it?”

The campers chorused in their excitement and Gilbert led the way towards the area where the show would take place. Felicja stepped up beside her children and took each of them by the hand. “Having a good time?” she asked.

Zofia laughed and then nodded. Henryk grinned brightly. “It’s like a dream come true, Mama,” he said.


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