Resting in Darkness

My lastest story using NaNoWriYe’s DreamWidth prompts.  Those can be found here, by the way.

Prompt: Underground

It was strange. When Taurys had first died, he’d expected to go to heaven. Wasn’t that what he’d been taught as a child? Of course, Ivan had always said that such things were children’s tales, told to comfort those who were frightened of death. He felt that death was the end of life and there was nothing more.

Taurys knew in his heart that Ivan was wrong. His experience now was proof of that. However, he hadn’t gone into the light either. He was trapped in the world, watching people live. None of them could see or hear him. He knew that much. He’d been trying to get Gilbert’s attention since he’d found the scientist.

Frowning, Taurys walked unnoticed behind Gilbert and the woman he called Madeline. From the way they interacted… he sighed when Gilbert caught her hand. She was his wife – or his love, at least. They stepped into an elevator and Taurys followed.

He was surprised when the car went downward, rather than upward. “Where are we going?” he said, frowning as the numbers continued to climb. The car stopped on the twentieth floor – down from the first floor, which was on the surface.

Still feeling confused, Taurys followed them. His eyes widened as they entered a room that was so like the situation room back in Veligrad that he knew it could be nothing else.

“Dr. Schneider,” a man with an Anglian accent said, beckoning to the pair. He nodded at Madeline and said, “Agent Schneider.”

“Arthur,” Madeline said, her voice soft. “What’s up?”

“We need you to bring the prototype to headquarters,” Arthur said, scowling. He looked at Gilbert. “Our experts will study it there.”

Gilbert frowned and then nodded. “Yes, sir,” he said. He gave Madeline a weak smile. “The kids are out of school for the summer holiday. A trip over to the islands might be fun for them.”

“There’s reason to believe that Veligradian intelligence is after you, Dr. Schneider,” Arthur countered.

“They’re after the children,” Taurys snapped, even though he knew they couldn’t hear him. At the same time, Madeline spoke up.

“All the more reason to keep our children close, Arthur,” she said, her voice taking on a sharp tone, even though the volume didn’t change. “They won’t be looking for a family traveling on holiday. We’ll blend right in with everyone else.”

“I won’t take that chance,” Arthur said. He looked at Gilbert. “I’ve arranged for them to attend Camp Whip-poor-will for the summer. Agent Anguo will be there and will keep an eye on them.”

“I’ve been away for seven years, Arthur,” Gilbert said, shaking his head. “I want to be with my children!”

“This is not up for debate, Sleeper,” Arthur said.

Gilbert ducked his head. “Yes, sir,” he murmured.

“Sleeper?” Taurys said, his voice soft. They’d heard of Sleeper in Veligrad, but he never imagined that Gilbert was that person. “What other secrets have you got, Dr. Schneider?” he murmured.


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