Dreamers – Part 5

This story is starting to really come together.  I really like how it’s going too.  Ilya was a fun character and I liked his interactions with Taurys, so it’ll be fun to be able to bring him back.

(Which makes me realize that I may have to post the other stories in this universe someplace.)


Prompt: Mute

Felicja felt as though she was watching everything from outside of her body.  It was a strange sensation – as if she were floating, weightless, just above the ground.  What was even stranger was that she didn’t recognize the place.

She frowned trying to make sense of what she was seeing.  There were computer monitors and high tables with test tubes and beakers and… “It’s a lab,” she murmured.  She floated over to a tube.  It looked almost like a decompression chamber, but she knew that wasn’t what it was.  It was something else – something worse.

A terrified scream split the air and Felicja gasped whirling around towards the doors as they opened.  Her eyes widened in shock as she saw a woman she didn’t know pushing a gurney into the room.  The man strapped to that gurney was the one who had screamed.  He was sobbing, now and struggling helplessly against the straps that held him in place.

“Eliasz?” she breathed.  She hadn’t seen him in over ten years, but there was no doubt in her mind that this was the father of her children.  She glared at the woman.  “What are you doing to him?” she said, trembling with anger.

The woman didn’t seem to hear or see her.  Instead, she shook her head at Eliasz.  “It didn’t have to come to this, Putin,” she said.  “If you’d just been able to capture Dr. Schneider…”

“I tried, Elena,” he said, his voice cracking.  “That’s got to count for something!”  He whimpered as she wheeled the gurney towards the chamber.  “Please, please, please!  Give me another chance!  Director Petrov, please!”

Felicja followed his gaze and saw another man.  He was tall and pale and she knew him in a heartbeat.  He was Ivan Petrov, the director of Veligradian Intelligence.

“You will serve us well, Ilya,” he said.  Then he smiled as he added, “As you served us well in life.”

Felicja blinked as she realized what they’d called him: Ilya Putin.  She frowned at the struggling man on the bed as the pieces fell into place.  That was why he’d left her: because he was a Veligradian agent.

“The cryochamber isn’t painful,” the woman said, as she closed the door.  She hit several buttons and frost covered the inside of the chamber.

Felicja woke with a shrill scream, reaching for Eliasz and knowing that he was gone.  She blinked as she realized that someone was sitting beside her bed.  She blinked again as she realized who it was.  “Taurys?”

“That’s the first time you’ve actually called me by name,” he said, his voice soft.  He shrugged.  “You were crying out in your sleep.  I thought… you might not like to wake alone.”

“Thanks,” she said, her voice soft.  She shivered and rubbed the tears from her eyes.  “Do you… did you know someone named Ilya Putin?”

Blinking in confusion, Taurys nodded.  “He was… he was a dear friend,” he said, his voice faint.  “He was killed as… punishment for allowing Gilbert to escape, as I was.”

“They called it a cryochamber,” she said, nodding.  Frowning at Taurys, she said, “That woman… Elena, he called her, she said it wasn’t painful.”

“She’s wrong,” Taurys whispered.  He settled on the edge of the bed.  “How – how do you know all of this, Felicja?  How do you know Ilya?”

“I dreamed it,” Felicja said.  She shrugged.  “Happens from time to time… I have dreams of things that happened in the past.  Anyway, you knew him as Ilya Putin.  When I knew him, he was calling himself Eliasz Braginski.”

Taurys gasped.  “I – I should have known, when I heard your name,” he rasped.  He shook his head and set a hand on her shoulder.  “I don’t know if this will make you feel better or worse, Felicja but… he left you because he was recalled and – and he couldn’t think of a way to bring you with him.  He never stopped thinking about you or – or the child he knew you had.”

“Children,” Felicja said, her voice soft.  She held up two fingers and added, “We had twins.”

“If they used the cryochamber on him,” Gilbert said, startling them both.  As they turned to him, he shrugged.  “If they used the cryochamber on him, they used him for one of the RX prototypes.  Alexandrova must have stored them someplace other than the lab.”

“How many others were there?” Taurys breathed.

Gilbert chuckled wryly.  “I stole the eighth prototype, without knowing there was a ninth,” he said.  He shook his head.  “There were five that we used with bodies like yours, but I sabotaged them, so they didn’t function properly.”

“Two more, then,” Taurys said, nodding.  “Ilya and… I can’t imagine who else they might have used.”

“I think we need to have a little chat with Elena Alexandrova,” Gilbert said, nodding.  He looked at Felicja and added, “We may just have other people to test Project Lullaby on.”

“Other dreamers to wake,” Felicja said, nodding.  She grimaced.  “We’re going to need your wife to contact them.  Think she’ll be willing?”

“If I do the asking,” Gilbert said, nodding.


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