Without a Dream

So, today, I’m stepping back to write a scene that is set before the first story.  Gilbert is not the kind of agent that normally goes into the field.

Prompt: Aim

“Let’s get started,” Madeline said, her tone gentle. When Gilbert nodded, she handed him a pair of goggles and earphones. “Put these on.”

“I already wear glasses,” he said, even as he set the goggles over his eyes.

Madeline smiled as she settled glasses in front of her own eyes. “It’s very important to protect your eyes,” she said, shaking her head. She paused to check the weapon. Then, she set the pistol in his hands. “Imagine that there’s a magnet downrange, constantly keeping the barrel pointing down there.”

“Right,” Gilbert said, his voice soft. He listened as she talked him through how to grip the handgun. He never realized how tightly he would have to hold it. How did she do this regularly?

She talked him through the next steps of using the sights. He was surprised to hear that she wanted him to look at the sight that was closest to him. “So, put your finger on the trigger,” she said, her voice soft. “Slowly exhale and then draw back the trigger with firm, even pressure.”

Gilbert nodded slightly. Then, keeping the handgun level, he breathed outward. Then, just before he needed to inhale, he drew back the trigger. He gasped when the gun jerked in his hand. He took several more shots and then handed the weapon back to Madeline.

She chuckled softly and checked it. Then, she set it aside. She brought the target back in and nodded slightly. “It’s not too bad, Gilbert,” she said, pointing at the numerous holes in the target. None of them were in the center area where he was meant to be shooting. However, they were all clustered near each other and not far off the mark.

“He’s nowhere near ready,” Director Williams grumbled.

Gilbert gave a wry laugh and looked over at him. Tugging the goggles up and off, he shrugged. “I can’t delay much longer, Boss,” he said, his voice soft.

The other man grimaced. “That’s what scares me,” he said.


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