Like a Nightmare

So, my piece for today has a bit of a mystery to it.  I don’t identify the central character.  It’s a strange piece inspired by a photo prompt at the NaNoWriYe DreamWidth.


He woke with a start. For a long moment, he simply lay there, struggling to get his bearings. The last thing he recalled was going to sleep in his nice, cozy bed. This was definitely not his bed.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He blinked and then squinted, but it did no good. The room – he guessed it was a room, anyway – was black as pitch. He suppressed a shiver and then moved to his feet.

He moved with one hand out and shuffled his feet. He gasped when he bumped up against something. Feeling at it with his hands, he decided it was a table. He found a long cylinder with a short thread at one end: a candle. He also found a small box: matches. Frowning, he slid the box opened and carefully drew out a match. He struck it on the side of the box and a small flame flared to life.

Sighing, he lit the candle with shaky hands. He looked around again, holding the candle aloft. He couldn’t see anything beyond the small circle of light, but it was better than groping around in the darkness.

He moved away from the table, searching for some clue as to where he was. After a moment, the light of the candle glinted off of something. His brows furrowed and he reached out. “Glass?” he breathed, as he touched the smooth, shiny surface.

With one hand on the glass, he began following it. Surely, there was a way out of the room. If someone had been able to put him in there, he should be able to get out. His brows furrowed as he saw the candle begin to flicker and then dim.

“Oh, crud,” he breathed. There was no wind. For the candle to be threatening to go out, that could only mean that he was using up the air. Maybe lighting the candle hadn’t been such a good idea. Just as he thought that, the candle snuffed out.



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